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I Am A 

Holistic Coach

Intuitive Embodiment Healer

Global Retreat Leader

Reiki Master Teacher


Hola! I am Jeanie Baker.


I am you. You are me.

Have you ever struggled to find your purpose?

Have you ever felt defined by past experiences?

Or YOU forgot what JOY felt like?

Well, you’re not alone.

Authentic Jeanie Baker was born with a free spirit and an intuitive soul. Yet along the way of growing up, I began to carry with me deep emotional imprints of sexual assault, grief, and loss that affected how I viewed myself in the world. Criticism from the world and my own family caused me to doubt my own intuition and made me forget that I had an inner light that deserved to be shared. I was married and working a corporate job that didn’t satisfy my soul’s purpose. While I was very good at what I did, I was living a life that didn’t belong to authentic Jeanie.

Through daily self care and different modalities of healing, I realized that I needed to release the emotional imprints from my life to make room for the new.


Jeanie Baker

It wasn’t until I attended my first Yoga class that I felt empowered to choose a different path for myself. An explosion in my heart sparked my ten-year journey of self discovery which included opening my own yoga practice, beginning my Reiki Certification, and adopting two pups who inspired me through it all. Through daily self care and different modalities of healing, I realized that I needed to release the negative energy from my life to make room for the new. And for the first time in my life, I left everything behind - including my career and my marriage - to pursue passion and live in joy.

So without a plan, I turned in my resignation letter and opened my heart. I heard Oprah’s voice say, “If you could do anything for the majority of your day and not get paid for it. That is your passion” and the answer was animals. Specifically dogs. I opened my own pet service after I completed Reiki Level II and the truth continued to flood into my life and illuminate the areas I didn’t want to look at. I felt the vibration of courage, and I realized that I needed to release the stagnant energy from my life to make room for the new. So I left my marriage, moved to the beach, and enrolled in yoga teacher training. While learning about manifestation, I felt another nudge - this time through a voice and a vision board - pulling me to Costa Rica.

A month later, I moved to Costa Rica and immersed myself in nature for seven years. I slowed my pace of life to live in the natural abundance, absorb the energy it offered, and gain a unique perspective. It’s when I was enveloped in the lushness of nature and deep introspection that I truly met myself for the first time.

I continued my Reiki Master training and began to fully embrace and embody authentic Jeanie Baker. When I moved back to America, It took me a year to become my authentic self again. It’s through this rediscovery and daily embodiment practice that I’m able to support and empower other women to lean into the unknown and become their authentic selves.

My own journey of self-reflection, connection, and continual expansion has allowed me to discover a greater understanding of my gifts and authentic purpose. Living these experiences and overcoming the tribulation of life has enabled me to facilitate healing in other women for over 20 years. Through spiritual intuitive guidance, holistic coaching, and global retreats, I support bad-ass women as they reconnect with their authentic selves and embrace their unique truths. 

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love note from a client

"When we began practicing on ourselves and each other, the magic really began to happen. Jeanie skillfully and compassionately led us through all of the hand positions in a way that I still use for my personal self healing practice. Her loving energy permeated the class, as well as her ability to share authentically her own path of practicing Reiki. Her infectious laughter and good nature had everyone feeling at ease. 

Reiki I was so amazing and my life transformed so greatly in ways I could have never expected that I also trained with Jeanie to complete Reiki II. I highly recommend working with Jeanie in your transformative healing journey. The shit will definitely get interesting as you break through new ground...which is what makes life so fun. 

Welcome to the family of an ever widening circle of seekers who have been touched deeply by Jeanie’s love."

-Jennifer O.

1:1 Healing Client & Reiki Level I, II and

Master Graduate

Plant Shadow

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