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Unleash Your

Embody your Authentic gifts, truths and share your Majic with the world

Image by Darius Bashar

Unleash Your Majic


This mentorship program will teach you to create an embodiment life practice that will guide you to unleash your majic into the world! Together, we’ll create a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE space for you to empower yourself and Activate the vibration of COURAGE to live Authentically. When you live authentically, you become your purest you and are able to share your unique gifts and shine your light in this world.


Whether that world is your close family and friends, your larger community, or even a global mission, who you are matters. Your Unique voice matters, and what you have to share with the world matters. So find it, embody it, share it, and arrive at a place where you can empower others to do the same. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Mentorship Journey


I totally get it. Healing is contagious. Once you’ve experienced it, you want to share it with the world. And through my own transformative journey, I realized that we first need to embody the work and practices we teach before we can truly facilitate healing for others. That’s why I’ve created this MENTORSHIP JOURNEY.


This special program is for women who have focused their energy outwardly and may have neglected their own practices and experiences in their zeal to share healing with others.  


Do YOU identify as:




Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Master

Light and Energy worker


During this Mentorship Journey, I am here to support and deepen your personal journey so that you can show up as the best, clearest, most authentic version of yourself each day -- and so that you can empower your clients to do the same. 


This is for the woman who?

Is ready to say

Hell Yes! to change

Wants to embody life as a practice

Feels the pull of sharing her voice

Desires to fully  embrace her 


What You Will Experience

  • Clarity call to discuss your goals, challenges, and desires 

  • 18 hours of Private 1:1 Sessions 

  • Full-Body 7 Chakra Therapy

  • Breathing Practices & Videos

  • Meditation Practice & Videos

  • Integration Practices for Human & Spirit

  • PDF/Material Support

  • WhatsApp Text Support

  • Email Support throughout your program

  • Live Like Luna Community Lifetime Membership

  • Premiere Access to all Live Like Luna Retreats

  • Access to all my courses launched during your program


love note from a client

“Jeanie Baker is a gem! I asked the universe to send me a spiritual mentor & three days later Jeanie and I were connected. I knew instantly that we would work together. Through Jeanie's pure love & energy she has guided & supported me in my own healing journey. Jeanie held space for me each time we met, we leaned into the guidance of our spirits and uncovered the most beautiful self healing practice. Working with Jeanie catapulted my own healing journey and has given me the clarity I was seeking to continue on this soul

led life."


- Ashley

Mentorship Journey 

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