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I guide you into self discovery to unleash your intuitive soul and authentic majic!




I believe that we all have the innate ability to return to our unique nature and the intuitive soul within. When we take a whole-body approach to our lives and invite the dance between the human and spirit within us, incredible transformations can occur.


Through a diverse range of transformative modalities, I am dedicated to supporting women around the world as they embark on a journey of healing, self-transformation, and empowerment. 


Through our programs, you will discover how to:

Release the blocks that have held you back.

Find flow in your life, embracing a sense of ease and fulfillment.

Build unshakable confidence that empowers you to pursue your dreams.

Allow yourself to feel all your emotions, fostering a deep connection with your inner self.

Heal from emotional imprints that may have lingered from the past.

Release self-judgment, replacing it with self-acceptance and self-love.

Discover an authentic self, one that's aligned with your greater purpose in life.

Rebirth and nurture your inner child, unlocking joy and creativity.

The programs I offer to women are one-on-one support through holistic and embodiment coaching, and group support with  women's retreats to guide you on this profound journey.


I AM here to help you transform, heal, and reclaim your true self. It's time to step into a life filled with authenticity, purpose, and boundless self-acceptance.



Immersive Retreats

Experience the transformative force of CONNECTION and EMPOWERMENT within a nurturing community.

Love Yourself

Intuitive Embodiment Coaching

Discover the power of aligning with your true essence and embrace a life that reflects your unique and authentic story.

Image by Briana Tozour

Mentorship Journey

Dive into the art of creating an embodiment life practice.Embrace the profound connection of 'I am You. You are Me.'

Hola! I am Jeanie Baker

Through an intuitive dance with both my human and spirit, my healing and transformational journey has led to path of deep introspection and to fully trust my intuition and intuitive powers. Trusting an cosmic message that told me to move to Costa Rica, I embarked on a seven year journey by immersing myself in the energetic frequencies of the jungles and reconnected with the nature within myself. Returning to the belief that I am nature, I embraced all of the parts of myself. I then met my authentic self for the first time. This aligned me with a path into rebirth and self-acceptance.


Over the span of two decades on her transformative journey, she accumulated extensive experience, numerous certifications, and diverse trainings. Among them, the most profound has been my immersion in intuitive practices and the spirit world, empowering myself with a mission to offer unparalleled support to others for the last decade. 


MY BELIEFS: By embodying these practices, values, and philosophies holistically, I empower others to live an authentic life and guide them to feel truly safe in the bodies to connect with their unique nature, needs, voice and majic! AND we have fuckin fun doing it. AHO!

Jeanie Baker


Image by Augustine Wong




Awaken and Rebirth Program

AWAKEN your sacred femininity & experience a REBIRTH


6-month virtual private program. 

Are You...

Touching the Surface_edited.jpg

Ready to learn and define what Self-Acceptance uniquely means to you?

Interested in practicing giving & receiving as a life balance?

Looking to release old patterns that hold you back from becoming your most authentic self?

Wanting to integrate your Inner Child?

love notes from clients

"So grateful for the massive support you've been in my life!!

I've been working with Jeanie for almost a year now and it's been like working with a coach, therapist, spiritual guide, mentor, body worker, energy mover all wrapped into one."

- Gina Casbarro

Life Designer Coach & Feng Shui Consultant

Mentorship Journey Client

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