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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing sessions are an opportunity for you to connect and communicate with your body, energy and spirit. These sessions specially activate your body's own self healing mode and create an opening for you to move forward with healing, higher perspectives, consciousness, intention and purpose. 


I am an Intuitive Embodiment Healer. I use a variety of modalities in these sessions including intuitive guidance. These sessions work on all levels: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually and Energetically. 


We will take a journey together and dive as deep as you want to go. You will also receive wellness steps to take home for you to utilize the clarity and guidance you received from this session to move forward in your Intentions. 


Sessions are 90 min.


Reiki Certifications Courses
Level I, II & Master level III

Reiki is a powerful modality of healing & transformation. Reiki is translated to Universal Life Energy. It connects to all levels of the body. I know first hand what discovering a Self Healing practice can do for our life! Reiki completely changed my life on all levels. In 2013, after having a 7 year committed self healing & transformation practice, I chose to become a Reiki Master. I teach Reiki in certification courses to share its wisdom and love. We start from within. Be the change we wish to see in this world… It is then we can start to open the support of this modality to others. Discover & Feel how Reiki can change and transform your life from the inside-out! 

Reiki Level I: The Discovery of a Self-Care and Healing Practice

Connect with the Light within. Experience an Empowerment and Self-Care workshop with Reiki. Reiki, pronounced "Ray-Key", is the Japanese translation for Universal Life Energy. You will be attuned to the ancient wisdom and powerful healing of Reiki Energy. This experience will guide you to feel Universal Life Energy, and receive ways to channel and utilize this lifetime modality to heal & transform yourself on all levels. 

Reiki Level I focuses on the connection within and learning the art of self-care to live your highest vibration.


You Will Receive:

  • A REIKI ATTUNEMENT to open your meridians and channels to the Reiki Energy

  • Learn to Intentionally Channel this energy to heal and connect from the inside-out

  • 12 Self Healing Hand positions for your personal practice

  • REIKI PRINCIPLES and how it applies to your life

  • 7 Chakra (energy centers) foundational information 

  • Grounding techniques

  • Protection techniques

  • 21 days of Intentions that align with Reiki Principles

  • Meditation and more! 

  • You will receive a certification as a Reiki Level I Practitioner under the Usui Method of Reiki Healing after the completion of this workshop

Investment: $250 per person: class duration: 8 hours (over 2 days)

Private one on one workshop available contact me for pricing

Reiki Level II: Deepen Your connection to the Ancient Wisdom and Energy to transform Your life & others with Sacred Symbols of Reiki

Expand your healing practice and knowledge of Reiki with sacred symbols and distance healing. During this empowerment experience, you will attuned to another level of Reiki and will learn how to heal yourself and others without physical touch. Your personal connection to Reiki energy will increase and you will connect deeper to your inner wisdom and intuition. Each sacred symbol has it's own meaning and purpose. Learning how to ground and protect yourself is of vital importance when you are working with other energies. This workshop will provide you will tools to keep you protected and grounded as you start to practice and give this healing modality to other beings. You will become knowledgeable of these ancient sacred symbols and learn how to heal between time and space. 


After your in person course, you will be given a series of course homework requirements. Homework requirements usually average 3 months to complete. You will receive your Reiki Level II Practitioner Certification after completing the post-course requirements. I will be a source of support during and after this time. 


If you so choose after receiving your Level II Reiki Certification, you can begin the support of Reiki Healing with others and as part of your Spiritual Journey & Business. 


Requirement: Reiki Level I Certification​

Investment: $450 per person: class duration: 8 hours (over 2 days)

Private one on one workshop available contact me for pricing

Reiki Level III: Master Level: Reiki Expansion

Practitioner and Teacher Course

This Master Degree level of Reiki Healing is a course for Reiki Level I and II students and practitioners who are utilizing Reiki Healing as a daily practice of Self Healing, and who are committed to channelling Reiki Wisdom as a part of their everyday lives. This course is for those who wish to share this modality of healing with others, & to learn to teach Reiki and share this powerful modality with the world. 


Contact me for further details and to discuss your Reiki Master Journey. 


Requirement: Reiki One and Reiki II Certifications.​

Investment: $850.00 

2 day in person training & post course requirements. Full support by me during and after your training. Private and Group Course available.

** Please note, there are is a no refund policy for all Reiki Certification Courses and Trainings on deposits paid to secure your space** Thank you for your understanding. 

Reiki Certificatons
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